By: Nadia Hussaini

Location, Location, Location

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When buying or selling a house, I am sure you have heard that location is everything.  Location is a very important factor when buying a home, but have you ever asked yourself why?  Most believe it has to do with price or market value, but the location of the home is so much more!    Commuting - How long will it take for you to get to and from work?  Would you fuel con...Read More

By: Nadia Hussaini

How to Prepare Your Home for a Great First Impression

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Deciding to sell your home is a big decision.  You want, what every other seller wants; you want your home to sell quickly and for top dollar.   In today's market, selling quickly can be easily achieved, but selling for top dollar may be a little bit more elusive. In order to sell for top dollar (and hopefully get multiple offers), you need to make buyers fall in love with your...Read More